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Thank you Christopher Moon for such a wonderful reading today. My heart and spirits are lifted! What a wonderful gift you have. Love you and all you are doing!

Lori B.

"I just had my first ghost box reading with psychic/medium Christopher Moon, and I'm blown away... He's the real deal. My spirit guides came through, as well as family members who have crossed over. I finally have some direction now, and questions that have been nagging at me for years have been answered. He also told me what was wrong with my cat, which is a thyroid issue, and he is correct. :) I'm so impressed with his gifts that I'm speechless. Thank you Christopher! :) I'm extremely grateful!"
Allie W.

"There's this dude I know... his name is Christopher Moon....he is a PHENOMENAL psychic medium. A lot of people don't believe in that stuff, but he's the real deal. He has this magical box that allows you to even hear what the other side is saying, and I can say with 100% certainty that I heard my grandma talking in it. He offers 10 and 20 minute readings, and I absolutely highly recommend him if you are trying to get answers from the other side. I can guarantee, you won't be let down. I also know that I have a few friends here on Facebook that can back me up. If you have any doubts, just ask. I'm also glad to call him my friend! Thank you Chris!"
Jessica S.

"Christopher Moon Thank you so much for my Heaven (10 min/$75) Session today. That was the perfect amount of time for me. I'm so happy to get direction from my Spirit Guides. :) Thank you! Thank you!"
Kara M.

"I just want to say, I had a ghost box reading a couple weeks ago with Christopher Moon and I asked something to deal with a person in my family and the ghost box told me what would happen. Guess what it was confirmed this evening!!!!!! I'm still in shock and happy and excited. Can't wait to figure out what's next! Thank u for the Guardians, technicians, and Christopher for this and our exciting future"
Steven S.

"I just want to say, I had a ghost box reading a couple weeks ago with Christopher Moon and I asked something to deal with a person in my family and the ghost box told me what would happen. Guess what it was confirmed this evening!!!!!! I'm still in shock and happy and excited. Can't wait to figure out what's next! Thank u for the Guardians, technicians, and Christopher for this and our exciting future"
Jess R.

"I Met you yesterday at a bar. I just want to say thanks. You told me that my grandpa that passed before i was born is watching over my son. You told me things about him that no one besides my family knows. I will be watching my son to see his interaction with him. I am so happy to know my grandpa can see him. Thank you Chris for this. You are a great person. Good luck with everything in the future."

"Hi my name is Abbi and I was at Morehead state for your reading!! I was so amazed
by everything you did you read me to the tee!!! Well my brother and I
got to talk to my grandpa who passed away a few years ago but it was very brief and we would like to make an appt with you and to have our parents with us because they were with him When we died and still have trouble with it!!

This would be an amazing opportunity and we would love a personal reading again if possible! If we could make an appt that would be
amazing!! We would def come to you!"
Abbi C.

"I was so glad I was able to participate in the event at Concordia College on October 16th. I was able to speak with Adolph D., which put my mind at ease. The amazing thing was when I asked if the babies my mother had lost, before I was born, were there. The response was, "The left in October." I was born in October and was the first child born successfully to my parents. My mother believes the energy from my lost siblings became part of me. No one at that session would have known that my birthday was in October. Absolutely amazing!! "
Beth S.

"I attended your presentation and demonstration at Lake Land College today. While I am an avowed skeptic, I still found your presentation to be both entertaining AND intriguing. Thank you for a very interesting afternoon."
Bryan B.

"I had attended Chris' event on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa as part of the college's Homecoming Week activities in 2011, and I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first. Throughout the event, we heard several spirits chatting with us. At one point, one of the students on the tour felt so angered towards women that he had to remove himself from the group, and as it turns out, there was a spirit of a man who had murdered several women with us. I got to speak with my grandpa at this event, something that is still an emotional story for me today. I wish I had the chance to travel with Chris again, but to anyone who has the chance to see him, take it. You won't soon forget it."
Connor G.


Dear Chris,

Hello! This is Annamaria B. My cousin-in-law, Penny, and I, attended the Seminar at the Psychic and Paranormal Expo, in Moline, Illinois - at which you and your lovely mother spoke. Penny and I then met with you at noon, and your wife very kindly gave me this email address, in case there was a need to contact you about the recording of our session.





During the recording of our session, you told us, that a "Billy" O'Brien, had come through...and then, I do not recall exactly, but during the session when Edward O'Brien (father of William "Billy O'Brien) came through, you asked us if the name, "Jesse" meant anything to us. We replied, "no." I have to tell you the time...the name Jesse did not sound familiar, however, when I returned home, I signed onto, and looked at the profile of Edward and William "Billy" O'Brien. To my absolute SURPRISE and AMAZEMENT...when I clicked on William O'Brien's profile, and opened up the drop down menu for his children...well...there it was...his son...

If there was any doubt in my husband's family, about our session with you, this solidified the absolute incredible legitimate reality...that Jesse came through with his father William, and his grandfather, Edward O'Brien.

After our session with you...I was so happy, and was on such a complete spiritual high!!! I want to thank you with all of my heart, for affording us this chance to find genealogy answers, and for providing us with the comfort of knowing that our loved ones on the other side, are very much

aware of what is going on in our daily lives...and that they are with us all the time. Also, how identify the voices of our loved ones through your spirit telephone!

God Bless You!!! Your mother (I am looking forward to reading her book - I will need it!), and your lovely wife...for the wonderful work that you do! I look forward to receiving the EVP session!


Many, many thanks,

P.S. You told me that my grandmother said there was an issue with the planters I was going to plant my geraniums in...Chris...I had told you, that I had bought flowers, that morning, and had placed them inside the plant them later...but it was not until, I planted them today, that I remembered...for the past two years, I have tried to plant flowers in these particular planters...and my plants die! So! lol My Gramma has seen me planting flowers and trying to keep my flowers alive in these darn planters! I am laughing, as I am writing this...that my Gramma...during our session...her message to that there is a problem with the planters! Of ALLLLLLLL the things to tell me, from the other side, she tells me that there is a problem with the planters. Mamma mia. That is so my little Italian Gramma. Chris. Again, THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!! :D"
Annamaria B.

"I wrote earlier about events involving my son and work Chris did to aid our understanding of what has been occurring with our son and our house. We have continued to work with Chris and gain the confidence that comes with knowledge. My son is beginning high school and if that wasn't awkward enough he has some gifts. There is no school for children like our son and so we need to seek assistance and teachers we can trust. Chris is one of those persons. His patience, guidance, expertise, and ability to communicate effectively with our son has resulted in a young man proud and self-assured. We, as parents, are committed to investing in our son. As he continues to develop spiritually, Chris Moon will forever be part of his life. We are already planning our next excursion to see Chris where we will reach out together to spirit and continue our education as a family. Thank you Chris!"
Paul B.


"Our family has been questioning events surrounding our son for some time. We were able to work with Chris on developing an initial understanding of these events and how they relate to our son. It was truly priceless! Our son was physically and emotionally changed by the work Chris conducted. A blessing was bestowed upon us. We will be back as often as possible to work with Chris on discovering more. In gratitude.
Paul B.

"I got my first reading from Chris in April 2012 and never looked back..I have yet to experience such a phenomenal reading from other psychics, and I have had several since then..The other readings were good, but Chris's was spectacular. What came through the spirit phone was amazing..I cannot wait for my next reading, which I am expecting to receive any time soon...Chris, you are awesome, and please, keep on doing what you are doing..The reading I received was bang on, and I expect the next one to be the same."
Pauline L.






"Chris is truly amazing!! I was struggling pretty bad after my Mom passed Her last few days were extremely horrific with pain and the tumors in her brain closed off her hearing so a lot was left unsaid for me!! I lost it because there was so much I needed to say and couldn't .... It was the worst feeling ever because I thought I would never have that chance/closure . I decided to go for it with Chris , not sure what I thought or believed possible at the time .... It was hard to believe he could make it possible for me to speak with my Mom again!! However, I decided I would try and know in my heart that regardless if it wasn't really what i expected that I believed at that moment I would heal because I knew she would be listening from heaven Well, I called him the day of my reading and he explained what would happen.. He would ask my name , then that of my mom ... all names , nicknames, married, maiden etc they might go by. At that point I was nervous not knowing what to expect and I heard him say we are looking for "Leona " which is my moms real name and about 2 seconds later I HEARD MY MOM say " I'm here, and you can call me Lee" which is what she made everyone call her!!! I started crying my eyes out, Chris laughed because she corrected him about her name lol ..... From that point I began having a conversation with my mom which I never thought I would call her name again!!!! Chris is only there to interpret what I couldn't understand but the conversation was between me and my beautiful mom I feel so happy and said all I needed!! I heard her voice say "I love you" again which was incredible he records the session so you can have a copy I loved it so much and missed her more than anything so I did it again a week later and it was awesome I highly recommend this even though it is a little pricey, it is SO worth piece of mind, happiness and the best part .... You never have to say goodbye!!!!!! 
Anyone who was left with any questions , no chance to say bye or just needing to reconnect this is the most priceless gift you can give yourself!!! Chris is very genuine, cares so much to help you feel better , translates and takes time making sure questions are answered He is a great guy!!!! See you all there I'm going again !!! Talk to you soon Mom ❤"
Michelle K.

"That had to be the most awesome reading I have ever had Chris! What a ride that was! Thank you for the experience! I recommend a reading with Chris and the ghost box for anyone who is sitting on the fence...Go for it!!!"
Pauline L.

"!t was a whole lotta weird and I can wait a bit to hear it again! Awesome, of course, but definitely hard core weird. Thanks again for blowing what's left of my mind! "
Julie H.

"So freakin' excited!!! Another reading with Christopher Moon, I love it!!! He is good and I love the readings!!!! Holy cow!! "
Alma J.

"I loved my reading you gave us your helped my daughter so much!! "
Barbara S.

"Life changing! What a beautiful lesson for me to walk away with a definite conformation of my experiences. Thank you for your great service! "
Sarah D.

"Encounters and Experiences: Meeting Christopher Moon and using Telephone to the Dead
By: Dolores Rose Lucivero

This past September I had the opportunity to attend Univ-Con held in State College, PA. Having grown up in a family who was very opened-minded to the unexplained, life after death, and the paranormal I was very excited to meet others who had an interest in the unknown, and to learn from the workshops provided. I was also extremely elated to sit in on Christopher Moon's panel and demonstration of the Telephone to the Dead.

Like many people who had the viewed the episode of Paranormal State where 'The Box' also known as Telephone to the Dead made its appearance, I was captivated. This was a piece of equipment which allowed the living to communicate with the other side, with their loved ones who had passed. How cool would it be to speak with my Uncle Frank, hear his voice once again? How many people who had watched that episode on TV must have felt the same way that I did. How many people in the world longed to have just one more moment with their loved one who had passed or was stolen from them? How many people believed that Telephone to the Dead and Christopher Moon was nothing but a hoax? How many people out there refused to believe that it wasn't just random radio waves we were hearing through 'The Box'? And here, at Univ-Con I was mere feet away from this relatively new tool, and the man who travels the country explaining how he came to own 'The Box', and how he has brought closure to many people by helping them connect with the deceased loved ones. The crowd at the session I was in requested he perform a demonstration, and Chris was more than happy to oblige. He asked for a volunteer and I enthusiastically raised my hand wishing to be called on. Because I needed to....I had needed to connect with my uncle as I was hurting so badly. Just as I saw the woman whom he picked had needed to connect with her brother on the other side so badly.

Don't get me wrong...I may have had my own personal experience with seeing my deceased grandparents when I was only six years old....and I believed. I may have had my cards read and sometimes the session was accurate, and others it was complete bogus. And even though I am a believer in the afterlife, I was raised to be skeptical of certain practices or situations. So when I asked about booking a session with Chris and the Telephone to the Dead, I was leery. Did I want to use my money on a concept which is so controversial and not always the clearest way to communicate? Did I want to open myself up to an utter stranger who without a doubt would witness my tears if this was successful? Would I be able to share this experience with family or friends without them thinking me a lunatic? Calling my house to get feedback on my booking a session, I was surprised to be given 'the green light' and told to call back after my session with Chris was complete to let them know how it went.

Chris greeted me warmly at one end of the hall, and led me to a bench to conduct our session. I had been a bit surprised that we were not going to be in a private area, but still looked forward to connecting to the other side. Just as Chris quietly explained to me about how he communicated with a 'spirit technician' on the other side by the name of Ty who helped locate the person whom you wished to contact. Whipping out a bunch of tissues, I explained to Chris that I wanted to contact my Uncle Frank. Chris guided me through the initial steps with such gentleness that I began to relax beside him. 'Spirit technician'Ty and Chris seemed to have the failure banter which I have with my own friends and family, and it helped to keep me my uncle made slow progress coming forward to reach out to me. Of course I wanted results immediately and was slightly disappointed that Frank didn't all but burst forward shouting 'here I am' but I believe that things happen for a reason. As my uncle took baby steps with his interaction with me, and relayed some messages which did make sense, I didn't understand certain terminology that Chris and Ty were using when discussing why Frank was so reluctant to come forward...Chris was reassuring to me, explaining the verbiage Ty and he was using, and reassured me that I would get to speak with my uncle. And I believed Chris. He could have easily said 'Oh well, for a hundred dollars more I can get you a better connection' or 'Well, we tried...he doesn't want to talk....thanks for your patronage, better luck next time.' But he didn't. Chris Moon placed a friendly hand on my shoulder for comfort and said to keep trying.

Unexpectedly another presence was speaking, a woman.....and she coaxed Frank forward and I was able to communicate freely with Frank. I think that when someone books a session with Telephone to the Dead, they expect to hear the exact voice of their loved ones. Some of the times Frank sounded like himself...other times he did not. But when we spoke about the Yankees (Frank was an avid NY Yankee fan) that was his voice true--blue. Of course I broke down several times when speaking with Frank, and never once did Chris snicker or make me feel uncomfortable. It was the opposite...I felt safe with Chris next to me, helping me heal by having this session. He laughed at some of mine and Frank's moments, as I laughed, and he became quiet on the more solemn ones. The surprise for me was the woman who had helped with bringing Frank across for communication. It was my grandmother....and she validated that I did see her all those years ago when I was a child. This was the first time I ever got to speak with my grandmother....and it was a very joyous moment for me. My cousin did come through at the end and passed along some messages.

When someone brings up Telephone to the Dead, I smile...especially when they profess it to not be accurate or a true form of communication. I challenge them to try it for themselves and then voice their opinion. Yes I went in to my session hopeful, and wanting to believe...but I also went in skeptical. I am very pleased with the session. And I am grateful to have made a new friend in meeting Christopher Moon. I truly believe he is doing the work of a higher power....bringing closure, bringing joy and bringing peace to both the living and the dead as we continue to communicate with one another."
Dolores Rose Lucivero

"Christopher Moon uses the Telephone to the Dead to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world. During Christopher's sessions, I have watched people cry with joy as they connected with their loved ones. The telephone to the dead is a connection that gives us hope and understanding. There is only one TTTD. Christopher was chosen to do this work. Christopher Moon is a man of heart, integrity, and profound psychic ability. "
Ericka Boussarhane Psychic Medium

"Hey Chris,
We figured out the "lake house" that was mentioned in both sessions yesterday. It wasn't Lake House; it was "Yake's house!" I had a cousin whose name was Joe. For some reason, he was always called Yake. (I have no idea why). So...instead of "we're at the lake house, it was, "we're at Yake's house!" Ah ha!"
Robyn M.


"Chris, Thank you for the fantastic Box/Telephone to the Dead reading this morning. It was much more than I expected and it was a truly an awesome experience! "
Debbie M.

"The box gave me the confirmation of the purpose I have inherited from myself. I look forward to the journey ahead of me. "
Daniel S.


Chris -


Thanks for the file! What an eye- opener for me and probably for my family on the other side!

I definitely want to see you again.

Will check out where you will be on your website but feel free just to tell me. *lol*."
Cheryl W.

"Hi, Christopher,
Thank you so much for the "visit" that we had with you, Tyler and Jeffery. It really meant so much to me."
Ann P.

"I am so happy I got to get a reading from you. It was so amazing to hear my Mother's voice after 10 Years of her passing. Keep up the great work you have a wonderful gift and have such a kind soul for sharing it. <3 "
Traci P.

"Now I know what my departed husband meant about news papers I'm getting puppies from the pet rescue I work at to bottle feed I need lots of news papers rofl =) too funny Sam!! "
Barbara G.

"I very much enjoyed the gallery reading. We even kicked around the idea of having an in home session, come meet the sisters, event with you. "
Jen B.

"Thank you Christopher! I slowed it down and it made me laugh so hard. I still could not make out what he said. I so enjoyed listening to it and will listen from time to time. I had the best time with everyone. It actually has opened me up to what I was needing answers to within myself. You are an amazing person and I am so thankful I met you. U R a Saint! ;) "
Tracy R.

I hope you receive this sincere thanks from me. I enjoyed our time today and hope you will be at Through the Veil in June. Saturday night was special for me as I contacted my dad and both of us needed it to happen. However, it was also special because I sensed the warmth you have in your soul to give to all of us, and I know it takes energies from you. 
Thanks again for being brave enough to follow your path."
Linda G.

"Thank you so much, Christopher. Remember the money thing? When I finally got home about 10:30 Sunday night, I heated up some soup and sat down on the couch to eat. There was a bank envelope on the floor by my feet and $500 on the coffee table in front of me, just flapping in the breeze. David, my husband, had left it there, but I thought it was so interesting and confirming that we had gotten that in the reading. Thanks again. Peace, love and light."
Ann A.

"Hey Chris, I am the one who had the intense gallery reading at the Inner Space. It took me a little bit at first to piece it all together but I think it was a combination of the personality of who came through who had gone a tad of fragmentation before they passed on. I was just letting you know that I am all right and that you handled it well. Best of luck to you and keep the good work. "
Carl L.

"I literally slid down the wall as you were telling your story. "
Denise M.

"I just wanted to tell u how wonderful it was to see u and I really enjoyed my visit with u at mystic enchantments in Springfield, IL on April 14th. I can't wait until you come back again. "
Natasha M.

"Hey Chris,
Remember we had a General Ford that came through the box in Feb and again in May? He said he fought for the north and was in the infantry and died in 1867. My son Jeremy found a James Hobart Ford on Wikipedia. He was a general for the north, patrolling the Kansas/ Missouri border in the infantry and died in 1867 in Akron, Ohio. Wow. How about that? We're excited. Just thought you would be interested." 
Joy and Chuck

"Thank you for my reading. That is an understatement."

"So proud that you listened to your heart, and not your mind, and met Frank...I am eternally grateful."
Karen K.


"Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to speak with all those folks in the room that afternoon! This recording is amazing. I had a blast!!"
Jessica J.

"Our session was great. Many thanks. "
Margie E.

"There was a tremendous amount in that session I need to listen to carefully again and again. There were several revelations in it for me and it was most inspiring. I am very grateful to you for that!"
Ginger in Atlanta

"I just had a ghost box session with Moonie. I got to hear my brothers voice for the first time in 27 years. It was amazing. I talked to my cousin who was 12 when he died right after my brother. I can't even begin to describe how it felt. Christopher Moon is just an amazing person. He has the ability to help so many people. He is a gift to us all. He lifted a huge burden I had been carrying around for over half my life. If anyone has anything unresolved or just a "hi I miss you" for a passed loved one then I would definitely recommend booking a reading. It was one if the most amazing experiences of my life. Love u moonie, thank you for all that you do." 

April R.

"After an exhausting session that I put poor Christopher Moon through and I did, and my guides are super pushy and stern, poor Moonie found out the hard way when he chuckled about something that was said and kind of funny and they immediately told him to stop But trust me that both Chris and Denise Garcia are so amazing and gifted in what they do and who they are and yes they does come through in their readings. They both leave a piece of themselves in every reading that they do so please do not hesitate to rush over to see them and they are so much more than readings. Are you looking for a protection charm or something to help in contacting your spirit guides, Dee does them and I can tell you from experience she is amazing and I always have my charms with me, because I know how much work went into them.. Need a cleansing, Chris can do it and I have had a cleansing done with Momma Moon and she is truly amazing in her own right. I could go on and on about each one of these incredibly gifted and wonderful individuals but start out small and just try them out. If you already love them as much as I do then you can always sponsor them under patreon.com and you get so much from them at even a $5.00 level and you make it to where they are able to keep Boxtalk free for everyone to enjoy, so it is well worth the cost. If you love watching them on Boxtalk then by all means get and watch their show "The GhostBox Chronicles", or heck watch all the programming on Vidi.Space because it is fun and informative to watch. So if you are on the fence, come and join the Movement of The BoxTalkers, we are all Family and we would love to have you join us. Only one thing to remember, #NoDarknessAllowed! I hope to see you there.. My love to you both!"

Teresa M.


Leslye M.

"Christopher Moon you change lives. You are God's gift . All I can say from the bottom of my heart is thank you!"

Anna Y.

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