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Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, ET's, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings


The Ghost Box

A Device of Fascination and Fear

Discover the mind-blowing, bone-chilling stories of a leading investigator as he pioneers the use of this intriguing tool

Chris Moon was the first investigator to use the celebrated device known as the ghost box to facilitate real-time, two-way communication with the spirit world. In Ghost Box, Chris shares the extraordinary spiritual contacts he's made with the box during investigations of famous haunted locations such as the Sallie House and the Lizzie Borden House. Also revealed in this amazing book are Chris's experiences using the box to communicate with the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, JFK assassination witnesses, shadow people, and the spirits who come through during his frequent gallery readings.

Based on Thomas Edison's designs for the "Telephone to the Dead," this device―also called Frank's Box in honor of its designer Frank Sumption―has been used to communicate with an incredible variety of spirits and astral beings. This book shares the fascinating story of how Frank's Box came to be and explores the startling truths of the spirit world.

This book will please fans of ghost-hunting stories. 

Publishers Weekly

Moon's accounts of his use of own experiences with Frank Sumption's Box are, to put it mildly, nothing short of extraordinary. From angels and dark spirits through to murdered children and extraterrestrials the range of beings he connects to are remarkably diverse.

Spirituality Today

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