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Sept. 24-26


Ghost Hunter University @ The Patterson Historic Inn (Denver, CO.)

Ghost Hunter University Experience

Friday, September 24, 2021 - Sunday, September 26, 2021

Patterson Inn, the "King of Haunted Houses in Denver," is partnering with Chris Moon and his Ghost Hunter University to offer this unique and immersive two day experience. Stay in a renowned historic and haunted hotel while working side by side with one of the best paranormal professionals in America. This reservation covers room only. There is a $400 fee(plus tax) per person which covers all Ghost Hunter University costs which include, materials, lecture, and use of equipment while working on investigations throughout the house. This retail item must be purchased upon confirmation of the reservation with hotel staff. This two day experience will take you deep into the history of the house, the science and techniques behind paranormal investigations as well as multiple tours through the property, at different times of the day, working with professionals who will guide you in your investigations.

Nov. 6


Unrest at the Asylum Paranormal conference

Amazing guest speakers, a haunted asylum and well a good time! How could anyone pass

This up!? Event is in Broken Bow, Ok on November 6,2021!

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